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[28.03.02 09:14 -0600] Jeff <-- :
> From: "Marc Heerdink" <marc at>
> > > Does your system support GNU gettext? (I18N) [n]
> > >
> > > My question is should i be getting this and if so what do I answer?
> >
> > This is normal, many questions will follow. Answer y to this one and
> > accept the defaults for everything else, that should work in most cases.
> I have said 'no' to gettext. Am I to expect problems? (Note: English is my
> only language and so far everything has compiled and run fine including X4.2,
> Xcfe, Lynx, Links, mpg123, samba 2.2.3. I'm even thinking about removing
> gettext altogether.

If you never used something like --enable-nls, you do not need it.
Some package automatically enable nls if they find nls headers, but
that's not dramatic (just a few bits more program).

Do not set LANG and LANGUAGE to any value and you are ok.

Check then /usr/share/locale directory, if anything is in there,
check the contents of the subdirectory (it should be
If they are, you can delete all subdirectories too, these are the
compiled translation files for several languages -- but be sure you
are in /usr/share and not /usr/lib.

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