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Paul dazzle750 at
Fri Mar 29 10:17:49 PST 2002

I didn't compile Java from source!

Download the "Linux GNUZIP Tar shell script"
chmod +x j2sdk-x_x_x-linux-i386.bin  (where x_x_x is the version number)

This should now unpack itself to jdkx.x.x in which ever directory you 
downloaded it to. You can then move the folder to wherever you want.

I've got mine in /usr/share/java/jdk - I renamed the jdk1.3.1 folder to jdk.

The entries you need in your .bash_profile are:

Then add to your export list:

JAVA_HOME is the file path to where ever you have the jdk folder and 
points to the runtime folder, jre, within that

CLASSPATH is any folder which holds Java executables or .jar files. In 
the list above you will only need the first two entries, the other 
entries are extra Java packages I've downloaded.

I know how to do this from having set the Java SDK up on Windows - it 
follows the same procedure, but you are right the documentation / set-up 
info. is almost non existent.

Also don't remember having a problem with the libs but try creating a 

cd /usr/lib
ln -s

hope this helps,


Eric wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to install the Java Micro Edition in my LFS 3.2 system, but I'm
> running into a small problem.  Unfortunately, to compile the J2ME edition,
> you need the Java 2 SDK.  The SDK seems to be huge to compile on its own
> (and badly documented), so I've tried to circumvent the issue by using the
> binary RPM.  Of course, that's where I start to run into problems.
> My initial system that I used to create my LFS system was a Redhat 7.2. I
> d'led the SDK rpm and installed it on my original RedHat install.  Now, I'm
> trying to compile the Micro Edition in my LFS, but it complains that I don't
> have the right libraries (is looking for glibc 6.1.1).  Of course, LFS 3.2
> is libc6.2.2.
> Any idea how I can get around this problem?  Has anyone installed Java
> support in their LFS system?  Can you please give me tips/pointers on how?
> Thanks!
> Eric

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