Giving gcc 3.0.4 a go

Jaco Greeff jaco at
Sat Mar 30 06:54:28 PST 2002


I'v decided to gcc 3.0.4 a go on for an LFS system. On the first time
around, I didn't have any problems. Then I decided to start again, building
Ch 5 and Ch 6 with a couple of small changes. Well, one small change. For
Ch5 everything was kept standard, in Ch 6 I've added the following languages
to the gcc compilation: java and objc. (I've done this before using 2.95.3
and have no adverse effects.)

On the java compilation bit, I received the following error: Undefined reference to _dl_cpuclock_offset

Ummm, yes. So between glibc and gcc (gcj) something is not happy. If this is
the case, surely some other packages will also start showing some adverse
effects at a later stage? 

For now I think I'll just stick with 2.95.3, altough the base languages (c,
c++) seems to be working on 3.0.4. I'm worried about that large "other" package.


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