SU command gives problems

Chris Wesdorp chriswesdorp at
Sat Mar 30 15:03:19 PST 2002

I'm building LFS on machine A, configure it, install some extra stuff
and do some configuration. When done, the whole system is transfered 
to machine B.

This means that when shutting machine A some faults are shown for the
networkdevices (machine B has two NIC's) and the Enter-key has to be 
pressed to continue. This is where the trouble comes.

If I did a su-command in the session and then shutting down, the Enter
key prints ^M to the stdout. The only thing left is the reset-key for
shutting down. Is this a problem in the LFS or my configuration. I do
not have any .inputrc files or settings that change the inputvariables.


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