LFS Size after install

Daniel Baumann lfs-mail at panthera-systems.net
Sun Aug 1 09:40:39 PDT 2004

William Ray Barker wrote:
> I just did a LFS install of LFS 4.2, after the install I deleted all of the 
> source files. I then went to check the size, and to my surprise it was well 
> over 100 meg. I haven't installed anything from BLFS yet, I am just wonder 
> is there anything else I am suppose to delete after the install? Or is this 
> a normal size of a LFS install?
There are several possibilities to get loose weight :)
. compress-mandoc 
. remove documentation
. remove unwanted/unneeded packages
. stripping binaries 
i guess you did this already
. using -Os in CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS (lets gcc optimize for size)

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