LFS 5.1.1 Configure Expect-5.41.0

MilkSjeik MilkSjeik at *NOSPAM*yahoo.com
Wed Aug 4 10:12:37 PDT 2004


When I try to configure Expect in its directory with the same options as
in the book (page 40 Chapter 5), I get the message that he can't find the 
tclConfig.sh file (because the /tools/lib directory doesn't contain this file).

How do I supose the build? I'm having a directory
With all sources inside. When I extract a source from it's tar, that
directory ends up in the same /sources dir.
So I'm trying to configure expect from the /sources/expect5-41 directory.
(and the tcl source is in /sources/tcl8.4.6)

Did I do something wrong with the compilation of TCL? (would suprise me)
Or do I need to build from other directorys then the source?

With kind regards,

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