Make fail GLIBC 2.33 - LFS 5.1.1 - Chap 5 (LFS: message 4 of 20) (LFS: message 12 of 20)

Lionel SAURON Lionel.Sauron at
Tue Aug 10 11:08:15 PDT 2004

Le 18:58 10/08/2004,Jeremy Huntwork  - jhuntwork at écrit:

>If you like you could try the cd I made that is built on a 5.1.1 base,
>includes nALFS and a profile for 5.1.1 and all the packages (though you
>may have to edit the profile a bit)
>You can find it here:
>No guarantees with my cd though, because it hasn't been thoroughly

I download it now and i try it tomorow... i had already seen how nALFS work 
... I know for the entity file....


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