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Tue Aug 10 13:07:20 PDT 2004

Damn Neil,

You where a year ahead of me on this!!  I just got done building on vmware and have the SAME issue - only difference is that myine was built on a dell server.  Can you help?  Did you ever figure out what was wrong?



Hardware is a Thinkpad 600x laptop, PIII 500Mhz.  I can get
more specific with the internal HW details if you need.

I'm working on Win2k, with VMWare on top of that.  My host is
RH 7.2 on one VM (built on a primary physical drive), with
another 4GB virtual drive I built on a secondary phys drive
for LFS.  VMWare sees these as 2 SCSI drives.  I know this
adds a layer of doubt into my system, but I've installed
various versions of slackware and RH on VMWare w/no problems
to date, so I feel quite safe with this setup.  During the
build phase, my host drive is /dev/sda and LFS drive is
/dev/sdb, with /dev/sdb1 being the ext2 partition for LFS.

At this time, I don't have much option to use another system
as I've been travelling for some time, so I don't have my 
desktop system or RH CD's, etc with me.

To otherwise narrow-down the potential problem sources, and
simplify things, I'm skipping support for some 'peripherals'
for now (USB, sound, etc).  I've done the following in

- Code maturity options -- all off.
- Loadable module support -- all off.
- Under processor type and features, what is 'machine
   check exception?'  It's on by default.
- Networking support -- off
- PCI support -- on
- What is 'PCI device name database'?  It's on.
- Some places mention -- if I enabled support for
   the proc filesystem.  What exactly is proc, and
   why would I need it?
- Power mgmt support -- off
- MTD -- off
- Parallel port -- off
- Plug and play -- off
- Block devices -- all off
- Multi-device support -- all off
- Telephony support -- all off
- Under ATA/IDE/MFM/RLL, I've enabled IDE support.  (My drives appear
   as SCSI).
- SCSI support -- on.
- SCSI disk support -- on.  Max 10 loadable as modules.
- SCSI generic support -- on.
- Enable extra checks in new queueing code -- on.
- Probe all LUNs on each SCSI device -- on.
- SCSI low-level drivers had SYM53C8XX support on
   by default so I left it.
- Fusion MPT -- off
- I20 device -- off
- Amateur radio -- off
- ISDN subsystem -- off
- Old CD-Rom drivers -- off
- Input core support -- off
- Character devices -- Virt term, support for console
   on virtual terminal, Standard/generic serial,
   Unix98 PTY -- on.
  What exactly is Unix 98PTY and /dev/pts?
- I2C support -- off
- Mouse support -- off
- Joystick support -- off
- Multimedia (V4L) -- off
- File systems -- kernel automounter, and kernel
   automounter v4 -- on; VM fs -- on; /proc and
   /dev/pts -- on; second extended fs -- on.
- VGA text console -- on.
- Sound -- off
- USB -- off
- Kernel hacking -- off

BTW, since my last build just now, I the modprobe error
is gone, so I'm left with this error...

    VFS: Cannot open root device "811" or 08:11
    Please append a correct "root=" boot option
    Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 08:11

I'm sure the 811 or 08:11 numbers mean something that
could be very useful to me narrowing down where the
error is, but I'm not sure where to find this info.


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