help in lfs5.1.1

keyur keyur_sheth29 at
Sun Aug 15 01:30:29 PDT 2004

version of lfs : lfs-5.1.1
host system : Reh Hat Linux 9
i have completed the pass1 installation of glibc and now testing  the gcc by running the dummy.c program in the book.
but i am getting the error when i type cc dummy.c
- - - -- - -- - - - - - -  cannot find -lc collect2
retutrning exit status 1
i have even tried gcc instead of cc and checked my PATH variable even the gcc specs file contains the proper path.
i have not at all deviated from the book yet.
plzz help me on this problem.i even saw the faq but that tells a problem with mandrake where as i am using red hat linux

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