LFS-5.1.1 Ch.6 - Util-linux-2.12a build problems

Jan Mattila jan.mattila at helsinki.fi
Wed Aug 18 16:35:02 PDT 2004

Quoting Omar Silva Sarabia <osilva at eyenet.com.mx>:

> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> A few kernel header files refer to the autoconf.h header 
> file. Since we have not yet configured the kernel, we need
> to create this file ourselves in order to avoid a compilation 
> failure of Sysklogd. Create an empty autoconf.h file with:
> touch /usr/include/linux/autoconf.h
> --------------------------------------------------------------------

In fact I tried to pay attention while reading the book and I 
did create that autoconf.h file and I actually had no problems 
compiling sysklogd.

Since this is in Ch.6, where we're building into --prefix=/usr
instead of --prefix=/tools or --prefix=/ktools I thought that I
should actually touch the file in /usr/include/linux and not
in /ktools/include/linux as the original was not /tools/include/linux

> I hope this helps.

I even resorted to making a symbolic link from the empty autoconf.h 
in /usr/include/linux to /ktools/include/linux, but unfortunately 
it didn't make any difference in the error. 

How about something else?

 Jan Mattila <jan.mattila at helsinki.fi>

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