Joel Miller cheeziologist at
Fri Aug 20 11:29:25 PDT 2004

JazerNorth wrote:

> Is it possible to compile the kernel on one system with the correct 
> config settings for another system, then transfer the kernel compile 
> (headers and all) to the other system and have a correctly functioning 
> system.
> ie: Compile on Intel PIII for AMD Athlon, with AMD Athlon settings. 
> Move kernel etc, to AMD Athlon machine.
> If not, could you tell me why? I would like to know, in my limited 
> knowledge, the reason.

For the systems you describe, it should be fine I think. GCC on the p3 
will default to creating i686 code which should run fine on the athlon 
which is also i686. For more and better information I suggest you look 
at the crosscompiling_x86 hint at

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