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Fri Aug 20 12:01:21 PDT 2004

Joel Miller wrote:
> For the systems you describe, it should be fine I think. GCC on the p3 
> will default to creating i686 code which should run fine on the athlon 
> which is also i686.
No, GCC does not something in default.

You determine the 'default' for GCC by choosing your sub-arch in the 
kernel-configuration process. If you e.g. choose the 'Intel Pentium 3', 
this will add '-march=pentium3'. Same with athlon ('-march=athlon') etc.

Just a note:
If you e.g. compile a pentium3 kernel on a athlon machine, this would 
perfectly build the image.
But remember that it would maybe not run on the host machine (in my 
example here, it would segfault because the classic athlons have some 
fp-bugs which the pentium3-image would care about.).
I know, this was not your intention and I guess you knew that before, I 
just wanted to have it mentioned.


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