LFS and Fedora 2?

Joel Miller cheeziologist at mail.isc.rit.edu
Sat Aug 21 13:07:26 PDT 2004

Serge Denault wrote:
> Hia ll,
> I have encountered a few comments stating that building LFS with Fedora 2 is
> problematic.
> Is this true? And if so, why? The new kernel?

Yes, it's true if you want to use the 5.1.1 book or earlier. The 
toolchain in Fedora Core 2 is too new to build the toolchain used in the 
aforementioned books. Methods have been suggested that will allow it to 
work evidently involving building a cross-compiled chapter five, but 
that is still being tested. Regardless, you can use the 6.0-testing book 
or the unstable book ( note: it is not recommended to use unstable 
unless you are prepared to deal with what might break ) as all books 
from 6.0 on have no problem building from Fedora Core 2.

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