why can not use chown

Cynric bogus at nothing.net
Sat Aug 21 19:44:00 PDT 2004

On Fri, 20 Aug 2004 16:18:56 +0800, sapphire smile wrote:

> my /dev/hde5 filesystem is reiserfs
> when i login in root and do below:
> mount /dev/hde5 /mnt/lfs
> mkdir /mnt/lfs/sources
> chown lfs /mnt/lfs/sources
> it shows "operation not permitted"
> why does this happen?what can i do?

I'm not sure either, but I know I ran into some issues with executing
commands before. Might check /etc/fstab. I had 'users' set in mine which
set 'noexec', along with 'nodev' and 'nosuid', which you need when
building lfs. Setting the mount options to 'default' fixed me up. Just a
thought. Btw, if you wanted to mount as user and yet still have the
defaults use 'default,users'. Good luck.

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