util-linux can't find hwclock ?

Jan Mattila jan.mattila at helsinki.fi
Mon Aug 23 06:18:37 PDT 2004

Quoting Allard Welter <allard at quicknet.nl>:

> There is nothing odd, you seem to be confusing things 
> unnecessarily. The standard include path is /usr/include. 
> All includes are taken relative to this directory 

Now I know.

> (notice the #include line in the header you quote is not 
> absolute). 

This i noticed and not knowing the previous, thought that
this would mean relative to the directory where the file
is, hence the structure I suggested.

> Now _read_ the util-linux instructions 

Umm... Where exactly should I read the instructions from?

I've been reading the book at:


and it doesn't say anything about: 

> "Util-linux doesn't use the freshly installed headers and 
> libraries from the /tools directory. This is fixed by altering 
> the configure script: s@/usr/include@/tools/include at g" 

> > I changed the include address to /usr/include/linux/autoconf.h
> > and make gave no more errors.
> This is wrong advice. In this case it may not matter because 
> you just created autoconf.h and it is probably empty. If however 
> this file existed on your host and was not empty, you could 
> encounter unexpected results (touching would merely change it's 
> time stamp).

Umm... This is Ch. 6, so we're in the chroot jail, right? So 
how would the file exist and not be empty, if we just made it
in Ch. 6 for the linux headers install? I mean obviously this
is bad advice, since it breaks the non-absolute include-dir
structure, but I don't see, how you could encounter unexpected
results if you went by the book.


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