Coreutils check failure

Matthias B. msbREMOVE-THIS at
Tue Aug 24 07:04:50 PDT 2004

On Sun, 22 Aug 2004 13:26:31 -0500 "Dane Powell" <danep at> wrote:

> Well, I thought I had all of the bugs worked out, but when I was running
> a check on Coreutils-5.2.1 in chapter 6, I got the following error:
> Making check in sty
> Make[2]: Entering directory _/sources/coreutils-5.2.1/tests/stty_
> make  check-TESTS
> make[3]: Entering directory _/sources/coreutils-5.2.1/tests/stty_
> stty: standard input: No such device or address
> FAIL: row-col-1
> PASS: basic-1
> ======================================
> 1 of 2 tests failed
> Please report to blah at blah
> ======================================

Please enter the directory coreutils-5.2.1/tests/stty and do the following

make VERBOSE=yes check-TESTS 2>test.log
bzip2 test.log

and then post test.log.bz2

Note, that it's important that you only redirect stderr (as in the above
command), not stdout, because stdout needs to be a terminal.
BTW, are you running the test in an xterm or at the Linux console?


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