Am I in the right place?

Ed Leafe ed at
Tue Aug 24 07:13:08 PDT 2004

	I have a rather ambitious goal: I want to be able to create an 
executable program along with all of the libraries it needs so that I 
can distribute it to any Linux system and have it run. I am not able to 
do that currently, since many of these libraries have a compiled-in 
link to basic libs such as /lib/ What I want to do is be 
able to compile these libs to link to a copy of in their 
own directory, so that I can distribute them as a self-contained 
functioning unit.

	One of the people who has helped on other parts of this project stated 
that what I was trying to do was essentially building my own distro of 
Linux, albeit one that could only do the few things I need. A few 
minutes on Google brought me to your site, and I must say I'm impressed 
by what I've seen so far.

	My question is simply is LFS what I need to be pursuing, or is there a 
simpler or more direct path I can take?

  Ed Leafe

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