problem with gcc build

dave lfs at
Tue Aug 24 22:50:39 PDT 2004

Dear Linux from Scratch experts,

I have tried to follow the linux from scratch book as layed out here:

and the command fails with the file not found error.
GCC seems to have been built without errors, but the directories:
include/asm-i386 and
are not created.

I have included a script output of my session doing the compile.

the hardware is a vmware VM with a IDE disk and the ISO from here:

Up until this point the install was going smoothly.  I  copied and pasted the commands from the book without incident.
Gcc was built twice, once inside the tree, then I started over and built in a seperate directory. Neither build seemed
to create the expected files.

This is the only ISO I found in a google search and was recommended by the irc channel help bot.

Can anyone help me?

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