Am I in the right place?

David Douthitt ssrat at
Tue Aug 24 23:05:04 PDT 2004

Ed Leafe wrote:

>     I want to be able to distribute a self-contained binary. I'm 
> assuming that the target for this binary already has Linux, although it 
> might be a different distro than what I built the binary on.
>     To back up a bit, I'm creating a tool written in Python/wxPython, 
> and want users to be able to run it on their systems. I'm using the 
> cx_Freeze tool to build the executable file and grab all the dependent 
> libraries into a single folder that I can zip up and distribute. So far 
> this works well if the recipient has the same distro as I built it on 
> (FC2), but it fails on older distros, such as RH8, with an error message 
> like:
> symbol _rtld_global_ro, version GLIBC_PRIVATE not defined in 
> file with link time reference

One warning: with the latest version of glibc, a statically linked 
binary isn't really - and will STILL link dynamically against at least 
one library, in order to use the name service switch (NSS) functions. 
This manifests itself in calls to gethostbyname and similar functions 
being "externalized."

This is the case for RHEL 3, and possibly FC1 and/or FC2.

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