/tools backup

Thinus Pollard pollardmj at msn.com
Thu Aug 26 06:05:07 PDT 2004

Allard Welter wrote:

> On Thursday 26 August 2004 12:47, Thinus Pollard wrote:
>>Hi there
>>How do you tar up the tools directory correctly? I did a
>>tar -jcpvf tools.tar.bz2 /tools/*
>>According to the tar help the options is as follows:
>>j = bz2 compression
>>c = create
>>p = keep permisions
>>v = verbose
>>f = file
>>I attempted to rebuild my lfs system with this backup. I restored it
>>to /mnt/lfs and followed the book in setting up the environment to
>>When I got to glibc in chapter 6 it threw me in the ./configure
>>stage, complaining about how it can't determine the size of a double
>>on my machine. What did I do wrong?
> Probably it has to do with adjusting where the linker points. Did you 
> archive at the end of ch5 or ch6?
> The flags to tar look great (the hyphen is no longer necessary) so that 
> oughtn't to be your problem
> Regards
> Allard
hmmm, I think you're right.... I did it at the end of ch6, damn ;)

So it should go something like this:
Backup at the end of chapter 5, remembering to keep the binutils source 
dir as is.

I think the book should mention this somewhere at the end of chapter 5 
if this is the case. Currently it's mentioned  at the end of chapter 6 
that the /tools dir may be backed up to build another system. It's kind 
of pointless if it's not going to work that way.

Thanx for the help


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