LFS doesn't need to deny it's own self

Steve Crosby fost at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 27 05:11:32 PDT 2004

Helmut Jarausch <jarausch at skynet.be> wrote in news:cej2hm$5ki$1

> Hi,
> invoking
> uname -a
> on my LFS system, I get
> ...... GenuineIntel unknown GNU/Linux
> Wouldn't it be much nice if it showed LFS 5.1 here?
> Does anybody know where to patch this and to apply such a patch
> per default?

When you run the "configure" script for coreutils, it has code in the 
script to convert "linux" to "GNU/Linux" as above. The following patch 
(sed) will change this to be "LFS Linux 5.1.1"

i.e. once compiled, the output of uname -a will give
......GenuineIntel unknown LFS Linux 5.1.1

The sed statement below should be run *before* you run the configure 
script for coreutils

sed -i "s at os='GNU/Linux';;@os='LFS Linux 5.1.1';;@g" configure

Note that you can change the LFS Linux 5.1.1 to anything you want (e.g. 
"LFS Linux 6.0-test-xyz" or even "My Custom Linux Build 1.0")


  Please be aware I've just done a cursory scan of the configure code, 
and compiled and executed the changed code above to test it worked as 
expected. I can't guarantee that changing uname output as above won't 
break something else later in the compiling\building process...caveat 

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