Glibc CVS issue: missing zoneinfo &al.

Steve Crosby fost at
Fri Aug 27 05:25:04 PDT 2004

Tapio Kelloniemi <spam13 at> wrote in news:cg7hse$vsu$1

> I wrote:
>>As usual, glibc is the problem:
> [zoneinfo was almost empty]
> Problem solved:
> The error is in cross compilation hint which suggests to use this 
> installation command:
> make cross_compiling=no
> The correct command is:
> make cross-compiling=no install

I've discovered the same problem, although my investigation showed that the 
correct fix is to include host= target= AND build= in the configure 
commandline. Without the build= option, you'll see the configure output 
display a warning message. During the install phase, it appears glibc does 
not think your build system is the same as the host, therefore does not run 
"zic" (Zone Information Compiler) - thus the timezones are not installed.

adding the build= option to the configure commandline removed the warning, 
and correctly installed the timezone files for me.

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