vim & colors

Jochen Schroeder jschrod at
Mon May 3 12:24:44 PDT 2004

Dean Hall wrote:
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> Hi,
> This is more of a post-LFS question. I've got LFS 5.0 running, and I use vim
> as my text editor. I have "syntax on" in vim's configuration, and I vim
> colorizes text when I use it on the console; however, when I use it in a
> remote shell (via Konsole in KDE, with $TERM set to 'xterm'), I get a
> monochrome syntax highlighting with underlines and bold instead of colors.
> Anybody have any idea how to get this to work?
You need to set your $TERM to xterm-color, this has come up many times 
before so a search in the archives should come up with a great deals of 
answers. I think another possibility was to replace the termcap for 
xterm with xfrees termcap for xterm, but I'm not sure about this (I 
don't use xterm) again a search in the archives should help.


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