compile speed on lfs 5.0

John Gay johngay at
Wed May 5 15:26:03 PDT 2004

On Wed 05 May 2004 23:18, mrnobby wrote:
> > Just the thought.
> Thanks, unfortunatley, it was not only gcc, it was *all* packages
> created for stage 1. They were all 2x longer to within a few minutes.
> I'm not bothering with stage 2 until I fathom this out.
You mis-understood what I was saying. gcc in my LFS host is what is running 
slower than the gcc in the RedHat host. Therefore 'all' package builds will 
be slower, not just the gcc build.

> I'm wondering if RH has some sort of special optimizer (caching???) but
> if they have they would have to make it available under the gnu license
> wouldn't they?
RedHat is running a different version of gcc. Also, RedHat is notorious for 
patching the hell out of gcc. At one time they were running a completely 
incompatible version of gcc which shared the same rev numbers and this 
created quite a bit of backlash between RedHat and gcc.

However, once the software is built, it should run at least as fast, if not 
faster. It's just that your compile times will be longer. And that is 
assuming that I am right in thinking it's the different versions.

Do you still have your RedHat host on the system? You could run a few trials 
compiles between the RedHat host and the LFS host to see if it may be the 
problem. Also, knowing what versions of gcc were on the RedHat host nad your 
LFS host will help people here answer if this is the reason.


	John Gay

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