LFS5.0 Chapter 6 GCC pg 123/289 -- VERY LONG

Jochen Schroeder jschrod at uni-muenster.de
Fri May 7 05:13:53 PDT 2004

Mark Carey wrote:
> Anecdotal evidence suggest knoppix isnt handling memory very well as when in 
> runlevel 5, under any window manager mozilla seg faults on load or just 
> shortly after. 
> I am about to check the md5sums of my gcc and glibc tar balls and then I will 
> be looking into memtest86 (v3.2 of knoppix doesnt come with it, v3.4 does) 
> Any other suggestions? 
> THanks  
> Mark Carey 

This is almost definatly a hardware problem. I doubt it's knppix fault, 
probably faulty memory or overheating cpu. Run memtest for several hours 
and report back, I bet you'll get some errors.


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