compile speed on lfs 5.0

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Fri May 7 15:58:21 PDT 2004

"Kevin Alm" <kevinalm at> wrote in message
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> On Friday 07 May 2004 03:19 pm, Ken Moffat wrote:
> >  RH 7.0 was probably gcc-2.95.3.  I installed RH 6.0 the other week
> > one box, and that has egcs (2.91.66).  Might use that for testing,
> > I've still go to upgrade it to a 2.4 kernel.  Sometime they went to
> > they called gcc-2.96 which was "interesting" (and broken in the
> > versions), but I assume that was after 7.0 (I was using mdk in those
> > days).
> Iirc, rh 7.x used 2.96-xxx, which was a heavily patced, customized rh
> of 2.95.
> >
> >  Now, gcc-2.95.3 is a rocket compared to any of the gcc-3.3 family.
> Likewise was 2.96. Remember all those movie clips of NASA's early
rocket's in
> the Sputnik era blowing up on pad. The out of the box gcc supplied
with 7.0
> was pretty bad. I'd go with at least rh 8.0. ;)
I'd like to have done newer but I am doing various LFS 5.0 speed tests,
all to be compared with my 386/20 build
( so
unfortunately I could not use version 8.0.

Mr Nobby.

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