compile speed on lfs 5.0

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Sat May 8 02:37:56 PDT 2004

"Ken Moffat" <ken at> wrote in message
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On Fri, 7 May 2004, mrnobby wrote:
>> Should used be 1? Or is that zero indicating the first swap device?
> That's "Used" as in "how much is being used".  It's enabled, but
>nothing has been swapped yet.  My own /proc/swaps shows 152 in that
Of course it is; I turned the machine on to double check the swap was in
use. Becuase it was freshly booted, no swap had been used. I was
obviously in "Looking For Trouble" mode. :-)

 Shit, 1024MB of memory (904716k available - no himem), one console
session (not doing anything), second session used for startx, icewm, 2
xterms, one galeon-1.2 (which shows 28MB in the extra "term"  I've now
opened for top).  Also running sshd, postfix, fetchmail, SpamAssassin.
279872k active, 294508k inactive, 306376k cached, 20708k free, but 152k
used in Swap.

I too have 1GB memory on my SMP, and when it was compiling LFS 5.0
(without -j on make) it gobbled up most of the RAM (about 100MB was
untouched). I can't rember exactly how much swap was used but it was
definitely less than 100 KB and could even have been 0 KB....

You refer to 'no himem' is this the switch in the kernel for 1GB-4GB? If
it is, does this mean you have it turned off? I read it that if you have
1GB or more (i.e. 1GB<=RAM<=4GB) it should be turned on. Is this the
wrong thing to do?

Mr Nobby.

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