LFS + latest packages + kernel 2.6.x

James Buchanan buchanan at iinet.net.au
Sat May 8 06:51:27 PDT 2004


I have done a search in the archives for LFS + kernel 2.6.x, but it 
points to RedHat's kernel headers.  Is this strictly necessary?  I 
don't want to use RedHat's because they make modifications to the 
stock kernels, and I would like a stock kernel.

Can I build a 2.6.x based system on a 2.4.x hosted system?  Can I use 
the latest packages (I assume I can't just apply the current patches 
to packages with different versions?)  Is it absolutely necessary to 
use the patches?

I think I just add --with-headers=/linux-2.6.5/include or something 
like that.  Do I need to add this from the very start, i.e. when doing 

Many Thanks,
James Buchanan

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