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Sat May 8 12:28:25 PDT 2004

On Sat, 8 May 2004, mrnobby wrote:

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> On Fri, 7 May 2004, mrnobby wrote:
> >> Should used be 1? Or is that zero indicating the first swap device?
> >>
> >
> > That's "Used" as in "how much is being used".  It's enabled, but
> >nothing has been swapped yet.  My own /proc/swaps shows 152 in that
> >field.
> Of course it is; I turned the machine on to double check the swap was in
> use. Becuase it was freshly booted, no swap had been used. I was
> obviously in "Looking For Trouble" mode. :-)


> I too have 1GB memory on my SMP, and when it was compiling LFS 5.0
> (without -j on make) it gobbled up most of the RAM (about 100MB was
> untouched). I can't rember exactly how much swap was used but it was
> definitely less than 100 KB and could even have been 0 KB....

 This box isn't doing a lot of compiles, just browsing, printing, ftp
downloads, ssh/scp and mail while running X.  I'm sure the tendency to
swap depends in part on the applications.

> You refer to 'no himem' is this the switch in the kernel for 1GB-4GB? If
> it is, does this mean you have it turned off? I read it that if you have
> 1GB or more (i.e. 1GB<=RAM<=4GB) it should be turned on. Is this the
> wrong thing to do?

 Yes, it's the 1-4GB switch.  I was going to fit 3x512MB plus a 933Mhz
PIII and put up with the limitations of himem (extra overheads from
bounce buffers).  But the bios wouldn't POST with the 933 so I've
downgraded to a PIII/800 [ from a Celeron 1000 ], and it's not stable
with 3 sticks of RAM - memtest86 fails all over the place - so I stopped
at 1GB.  With only 1GB total, I'm not "missing" a lot of it without the
himem, and I don't have the extra overheads.  So, _I'm_ doing the wrong
thing here in terms of surrendering the last 50MB or whatever it is.

 Funnily enough, the memory sticks themselves were fine (any combination
of two of them worked at 133Mhz with a PIII/533 or PIII/800, or indeed
with the Celeron 1000/100) and the PIII/933 is now in a _very_ old
skt370 mobo that seems to have the FSB fixed at 66Mhz - talk about
putting a twin-cam in a Ford Anglia. (the old Lotus-Ford rally /
semi-boy-racer engine from the 70s, and the basic Ford car from the
sixties, for those who don't remember)

 das eine Mal als Tragödie, das andere Mal als Farce

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