compile speed on lfs 5.0

mrnobby no at spam.please
Sat May 8 15:33:01 PDT 2004

"John Gay" <johngay at> wrote in message
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> Do you still have your RedHat host on the system? You could run a few
> compiles between the RedHat host and the LFS host to see if it may be
> problem. Also, knowing what versions of gcc were on the RedHat host
nad your
> LFS host will help people here answer if this is the reason.
I've wiped the drive and am starting over, again with RH 7.0. So far,
binutils pass 1 and gcc pass1 have taken a similar amount of time to the
first time around. I'm talking a time difference of minutes here so I'm
confident with my original times.

I'll let you know what happens.....

Mr Nobby.

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