util-linux problem ch6 LFS 5.1 pre2

Daniel Ignat daniel.ignat at splinux.com
Mon May 10 08:16:04 PDT 2004


pls help!

I cannot 'configure' util-linux-2.12a in ch6 of LFS 5.1 pre2
It says that i don't have the zlib, but i have it!
When i run myself the c compiling test on the last lines of
'configure' it works, i mean, making a copy/paste, of the c
source program:

#include <zlib.h> 
int main(){

gcc -Wall -lz -o test test.c 

THAT WORKS!!! but in the original 'configure' file it dosent work!
Well, it seems to return a '1' return code..

the 'readelf -l test' and 'ldd test' gives me the correct values!..

Any idea? Thx :)

Daniel BI

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