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Roel Neefs geryon at
Mon May 10 19:50:45 PDT 2004

On Tuesday 11 May 2004 04:34, Felix Jodoin wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been having an error at the end of chapter five (or beginning
> of chapter 6) in LFS 5.0. I have seen similar occurrences on this
> list, but none that relate to the problem I am having. I get the
> error (after chrooting and checking that "echo $LFS" gives me
> /mnt/lfs):
> /tools/bin/env: command not found.
> I run /tools/bin/env, and it's there. I tried "chroot $LFS" (alone)
> and I got:
> /bin/sh: command not found.

It's exactly the same problem as the others so also the same solution ;)
When you try to work around it by only using chroot $LFS, it will try to 
use the default /bin/sh, which isn't there yet. 
And running /tools/bin/env by itself also works cause then it's still 
ch5 and it sees the libs in your host, when chrooting those libs aren't 

It's most of the times one of these 2 issues:
1) The specfilechange wasn't done as it was supposed to.
2) Your PATH variable didn't have /tools/bin at the front while 
compiling the packages.

> Can anyone help me?
> Thanks,
> Felix Jodoin
> Email: felixj at

Roel Neefs and

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