Boot hangs

Thomas Hackert thackert at
Tue May 11 04:15:29 PDT 2004

Hi FloSoft,
On Monday 10 May 2004 23:05, FloSoft wrote:
> I saw now that in the default config of the kernel devfs is
> activated (and also automount devfs). I think that could be the
> problem, if the kernel mounts another filesystem on /dev he
> surely can't find the tty's :-)
another possibility is to use devfsd, if you want to stay with 
devfs, or change the entries in some files (inittab comes to 
mind ... I mean I've read it in the ML some time ago, that you 
should change the entries from /dev/ttyX to /dev/vc/X IIRC).

> I recompile my kernel atm, I post if that was the reason
Good luck!

> FloSoft

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