Segmentationfall after coreutils-5.2.1

Frank Schwerin fs at
Tue May 11 04:35:08 PDT 2004


i just like to build LFS-5.0-Pre-2.

i just created the tools-chain Directory with fresh sources.

I have compile glibc-2.3.3, gcc-3.3.3, binutils-2.14.
Now just compile corutils-5.2.1 with:

rm -r /usr/src/coreutils-5.2.1
cd /usr/src
tar xfj src/coreutils-5.2.1.tar.bz2

cd /usr/src/coreutils-5.2.1
patch -Np1 -i /usr/src/src/patch/coreutils-5.2.1-hostname-1.patch
patch -Np1 -i /usr/src/src/patch/coreutils-5.2.1-uname-1.patch

rm -r /usr/src/coreutils-build
mkdir /usr/src/coreutils-build
cd    /usr/src/coreutils-build

DEFAULT_POSIX2_VERSION=199209 /usr/src/coreutils-5.2.1/configure 
make -s

when i type in ./src/ls i got a segmentationfall from ls. ls don't work.
Has anybody an hint for me??

Gruss aus Wetter an der Ruhr

Frank Schwerin

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