util-linux 2.12a fails, headers = kernel 2.6.6

James Buchanan buchanan at iinet.net.au
Tue May 11 10:20:15 PDT 2004

Ken Moffat wrote:
>  Which flavour of the build are you following ? (nptl hint, what
> will be LFS-6.0, what will be LFS-6.1, some version of belfs, ...)  I'm
> particularly puzzled about using gcc-3.3.2 rather than 3.3.3 (although
> it isn't relevant to your problem).

I'm using LFS 5.0.  Maybe I should use LFS something else... which one 
deals with Linix kernel 2.6.x and all the latest packages (unless they 
are buggy?)

>  A slightly longer answer is that using 2.6.6 kernel headers is not for
> the faint-hearted.  Most people seem to have moved over to
> linux-libc-headers (formerly referred to as the PLD headers).  You'll
> still need to patch a few things.

Thanks, I was told about the PLD headers before.  Now it's starting to 



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