Lfs v 3.3

AlbrtNew at aol.com AlbrtNew at aol.com
Wed May 12 04:26:52 PDT 2004

Hi !

      I have just discovered your project, having been given a CD Labelled: 
'packages linuxfromscratch.org 09-09-2002 with version 3.3 '.

      Having ' played around ' with various  Dists. for two or three years - 
without any conspicuous success, I hasten to add; I believe that what you have 
to offer is exactly what I have been looking for, inasmuch as. having always 
been more interested in the design of systems rather than the applications, I 
have tried to investigate ' basics ' so that I could understand what makes 
things ' Gel '. This being so I was wondering if you could offer me some sound 
advice on the best way to go about things and which of the following dists' 
might be the best ' surrogate ' to my Bfs:

Suse 8.0 Professional
Mandrake 9.0 PowerPack
Caldera Open Linux Desktop 2.4
Debian 3.0
RedHat 7.2

All of which I have, at some time, partially installed.


a(albert) j. n (Newell)
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