unable to start the build of binutils-2.14

Durk van Veen nntp.durk at cox.net
Thu May 13 08:50:33 PDT 2004

Keith, I have written a document which essentially boils the building of LFS
down to just the issuing of the requisite commands. You don't learn much if
you use this document without the normal book since it becomes pretty
mechanical, but I mainly wrote it so I could re-create a system in case of a
fatal disk-crash or somesuch, without having to dig through the book again.
It includes every last command that needs to be issued, i.e. after each tar
there is a cd to the source directory and between each make and make install
there is a su. You're welcome to have a copy of this document if you want.
It's currently in Microsoft Word format, but I can convert it to something


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