Read only LFS

Andrew Sharp andrew.sharp3 at
Thu May 13 18:43:37 PDT 2004

To the hardcore experts..

At the end of the book 5.0 (built without deviance on any package and all 
systems checked in Ch6), my system is bootable, but read only.

The login prompt begins 
(none) login:

then I see
Unable to change tty /dev/tty1 Read only file system. 
No mail

tty0-30 all exist with a few ttyS files too, so it is not that. I have 
modified my fstab to no avail from 1 1 to 0 0 for the root partition.
/, swap, proc, devpts and usbfs are the only filesystems being mounted.

What has gone wrong?

I have built LFS twice in the last 3 weeks with exactly the same problem. The 
chat people cannot help me.

I cannot change any files or even do a dmesg > file.

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