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Thomas Hackert thackert at
Thu May 13 21:10:10 PDT 2004

Hi Andrew,
On Friday 14 May 2004 03:43, Andrew Sharp wrote:
> At the end of the book 5.0 (built without deviance on any package
> and all systems checked in Ch6), my system is bootable, but read
> only.
> The login prompt begins
> (none) login:
> then I see
> Unable to change tty /dev/tty1 Read only file system.
> No mail
IIRC this was mentioned several times in this group ... You should 
search the archives to get the answer ;). I think it has something 
to do with your entries in /etc/inittab or so ...

> tty0-30 all exist with a few ttyS files too, so it is not that. I
> have modified my fstab to no avail from 1 1 to 0 0 for the root
> partition. /, swap, proc, devpts and usbfs are the only
> filesystems being mounted.
Are you using devfs? Have you compiled it into the kernel? IIRC you 
must change your inittab from /dev/ttyX to /dev/vc/X or so ...
Or install devfsd in your system ...

> What has gone wrong?
See above ...
> I have built LFS twice in the last 3 weeks with exactly the same
> problem. The chat people cannot help me.
What type of filesystem are you using? And how does your 
$LFS/etc/fstab looks like? Maybe an faulty entry there?

> I cannot change any files or even do a dmesg > file.

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