perl compile error in chapter 5 of lfs 5.1-pre2

JP capn_shoe at
Sat May 15 11:49:16 PDT 2004

Ken Moffat wrote:
> On Fri, 14 May 2004, JP wrote:
>>When I try to compile perl in chapter 5 of lfs 5.1-pre2 i get the
>>following error:
>>cannot find -lgdbm
>>collect2: ld returned 1 exit status 
>>I can't compile the test program.
>>You have a BIG problem.  Shall I abort Configure [y]
>>Ok.  Stopping Configure.
>>It seems perl is trying to link against the, which is on the
>>host system, but not the lfs system.  I have tried to compile it several
>>times, unpacking and patching the source fresh each time.
>  Based on what I've seen, I think the problem is something different.
>>What's going on? Is this some mess up with the toolchain, or something
>>freaky with perl?  Oh, yeah, I am running the uname hack on a vmware
>>redhat 9 install so this will run on an old pentium classic as a router.
>  Does that mean RH is running as a "guest" under "another" OS ?  That is
> a decidedly uncommon way to build, you might have to look at what
> alternatives are available for configuring perl.

Umm.. yes (no if you mean MS by "other os").  RH9 is running as a guest 
on Fedora Core 1.  I decided to use this setup because I didn't have any 
extra space for a LFS partition.  Since I am going to run this on an 
entirely different machine anyway, I'm just going to ghost the VM to an 
old pentium classic.
> OK so far, but then
>>Which of these apply, if any? [redhat9-virtual]
>>hint to use instead? [redhat9-virtual]
>>Operating system name? [redhat9-virtual]
>>Operating system version? [none]
> Quite different, mine shows (copied by hand)
> Which of these apply, if any? [linux]

That was it.  I eventually ran the Configure (not configure.gnu) Script 
with the options -Dprefix=/tools -Dstatic_ext='IO Fcntl POSIX' and 
answered all the questions manually.  That's when I noticed the OS being 
  detected as "redhat9-virtual," the hostname of the VM. I changed it to 
linux and everything went fine.
>  You'll see it found my (old) kernel version.  The redhat9-virtual is a
> new one to me, and a quick google didn't help.

I googled it too, and found nothing.  Has anyone else tried to compile 
LFS on VMware and had the same problem here?  Is this VMware specific, 
or something else?


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