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Miguel Bazdresch lfs-01 at
Sun May 16 05:57:17 PDT 2004

* rick <shelton at> [2004-05-16 14:37]:


> So, when and where should someone install install-log? At 
> the end of chapter 5? installed to $LFS-5/usr so that it 
> will continue to be available even after the tools directory 
> is removed?

If you want to use it for ch. 6 packages, then install it at the end of
ch.5 into tools.

To use it after you boot into your new LFS then install it somewhere in
ch. 6 -- 'somewhere' meaning 'after its dependencies have been

Personally, I've tried a couple of package management methods but never
for ch. 6 packages; I don't see the point. Besides, technically you'd be
deviating from the book, which can make it harder to get help fast if
you have other problems.

> thanks!
> -- 
> ~rick

Miguel Bazdresch

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