compile speed on lfs 5.0

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Sun May 16 14:08:25 PDT 2004

"Ken Moffat" <ken at> wrote in message
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On Thu, 13 May 2004, mrnobby wrote:

> FWIW, I spent a /lot/ of time at the beginning of the year repeatedly
>building LFS on a K6-2 box, initially to tune my buildscripts, then to
>see how playing with all/no tests, and all/minimal locales affected the
>time and space.  Got overtaken by events, carried on with initial
>upgrades for the 5.1 series.  Anyway, about one build in 6, or maybe 1
>build in 10, the time for an SBU was about 10% longer.  Never did work
>out why.

That's interesting. I wonder if it is related to my delays? I have
concluded that I missed one of the patches; I cannot think of anything
else. This time around I used scripts that I had previously created (and
tested on a faster machine), so this is why I think I missed something
as the first build was done manually.

Mr Nobby.

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