bash TERM variable different between LFS-4.1 and LFS-5.0

zoltan 6zoltan8 at
Sun May 16 16:29:58 PDT 2004


This problem has been vexing me for some time, and I can't quite make 
any more progress on it, as I think I've checked everything.

On my LFS-4.1 machine, when I log in, as root or as myself, I get

$ echo $TERM

while on my LFS-5.0 machine I get
$ echo $TERM

So I thought, great, a chance to learn about login shells and .bashrc 
etc. files...

Now I'm familiar with all that, and I still don't know what's different. 
  In fact, all of my .bashrc, .bash_profile, /etc/profile, /etc/bashrc, 
and even my /etc/inputrc files are the same (I cp'd them).  I can't find 
any hidden references to TERM, so I thought, one last chance, perhaps 
the source defines TERM as dumb in the absense of anything else.  This 
is exactly what happens in the variables.c file in the bash package.  So 
I thought, okay, I'll fix that...I copied the bash binary from the 
LFS-4.1 machine to the LFS-5.0, thinking that perhaps a long time ago 
when I compiled bash on LFS-4.1 I changed the source from TERM=dumb to 
TERM=linux, but I can't check the source, as that's long since history.

And still, regardless of which binary I run (LFS-4.1 bash or LFS-5.0 
bash), on one machine TERM=linux and the other TERM=dumb.  Besides 
messing with my dircolors settings, this is only frustrating because I 
thought I understood the login process and the shell variable assignment 
and all that good stuff...only to have this happen.

Any ideas?


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