bash TERM variable different between LFS-4.1 and LFS-5.0

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Sun May 16 18:21:28 PDT 2004

zoltan wrote:

> Thank you...I just found it, I think.  Line 59 in src/shutdown.c seems 
> to initialize the "clean_env" such that TERM=dumb.  Seems was this added 
> starting with sysvinit-2.79.  Maybe I'll play around with it and see if 
> changing it to TERM=linux does what I expect...

No, it's only doing this because it's not getting a TERM setting from 
the kernel, but it supposed to be. The reason it's not getting it is 
because of a bug in sysvinit itself, it overwrites part of its environment.

There is a patch on the patches project; look for 
"sysvinit-1.85-proclen-1.patch" or something like that, it's a one line fix.

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