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Jochen Schroeder jschrod at
Mon May 17 08:54:59 PDT 2004

Michael Brown wrote:
> Hi, this is my first post to the list. My question is:
> The LFS book recommends kernel 2.4.22. Can I use kernel 2.4.26?
> Here's a little more depth to my question:
> I've just finished chapter 6.16. I'm in the chroot environment. So far,
> all has gone well. However, I made the ignorant mistake of downloading
> whatever versions Freshmeat had on their main project pages and for
> probably 1/3 of the LFS packages, these are all NEWER versions than what
> the LFS Book recommends. After a problem compiling the newer version of
> coreutils with an older patch last night, I re-read the intro page to the
> packages chapter and realized I should be using the versions recommended
> by the book since I'm not an experienced LFS user. And so for all those
> newer packages that I'd erroneously downloaded, I went back and found the
> older, trusted ones. With one exception: the kernel.
> Which leads to the question I asked above. Does anyone have any advice on
> whether or not I'm going to run into significant problems trying to build
> the 2.4.26 kernel with these LFS instructions? Right now, I've got Glibc,
> Binutils, Gcc and Coreutils installed (all told, took about 15 hours on my
> old dog). While I don't WANT to lose those 15 hours just because I
> installed headers for the wrong kernel version, I'd much rather lose 15
> than 50, which is what it could take by the time I get to the kernel
> itself.
> So, can it be done smoothly with 2.4.26 or should I abort now and start
> over with 2.4.22?
> Or: can I possibly reinstall the headers without having to recompile
> Glibc, binutils, gcc and coreutils? I mean, if I can reinstall the headers
> without messing up those already installed programs, then I'll do it in a
> heartbeat. But my guess is those programs use info from those kernel
> headers and if I change now it could mess things up. Right? Any advice?
The rule to use only the packages of the book has one exception, the 
kernel, so to answer your question yes you can and you should use the 
2.4.26 kernel, because 2.4.26 contains some important security fixes. 
Important! What I just said generally only applies to minor upgrades of 
the kernel, using a 2.6. kernel with an old book, although usually not a 
problem, requires some adjustments and you probably should just stay 
exactly with the book for your first build.
Happy lfs'ing


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