Kernel version question

Jochen Schroeder jschrod at
Mon May 17 10:35:58 PDT 2004

Michael Brown wrote:
>>Here are your options:
>>1) Continue with chapter 6 as is. When you've finished, build the new
>>kernel before rebooting.
>>2) Start chapter 6 again using the new kernel headers. The tools you
>>have (using the old kernel headers) will work fine.
>>3) Use LFS-5.1 The tools you have _should_ still work (I'm sticking my
>>neck out here because I haven't tried this, and 5.1 was only released a
>>day or two ago)
>>If it were my system I'd go for the adventurous option 3).
> Thanks very much for your kind help!
> Just to clarify: I'm already using 2.4.26 headers. I installed those
> before I REALLY read the part in the book about using only the "listed"
> versions of the software. So in my case following LFS book 5.0,
> Man-pages-1.60, Glibc-2.3.2, Binutils-2.14, Gcc-3.3.1 and Coreutils-5.0
> have all been installed under the kernel 2.4.26 headers.
> So I guess I'm already following option # 2 above, right? Unless I've
> misunderstood something, it sounds like I can continue with 5.0 even
> though I'm using kernel 2.4.26 instead of 2.4.22. Like Jochen said: "The
> rule to use only the packages of the book has one exception, the
> kernel...."

Yes, you can just continue.

> Footnote: What luck that I should undertake my first LFS project only days
> before the new book is released - if I'd just waited two days I'd be using
> the new versions instead. Still, this LFS thing is a heck of a lot of fun.
> Thanks again for your help!

Ah, don't worry, If you're anything like my, you'll build quite a few 
system, before you're actually happy with your system. So next time you 
can just use 5.1 or maybe even cvs (what will be 6.0)

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