James Inge james at inge.org.uk
Mon May 17 11:40:18 PDT 2004

Hi there,

I am trying to build a LFS 5.0 system for the Arm architechture, and 
have been running into difficulties with the toolchain.  Basically, I 
can compile everything without errors, but when I try to run programs, 
many of them segfault.  In many (but not all cases), the problem goes 
away if the program is compiled statically.  From reading mailing list 
archives, I think it is a bug arising from the combination of binutils, 
glibc and gcc used.  (More details below)

Has anyone else had this problem?  Are there any patches or compile time 
options I can use to make it go away?  Static compiling is rather 
tedious, space consuming, and doesn't always work.

Otherwise, what is the most recent toolchain that anyone has got working 
on an Arm system?

I'd be very grateful if anyone can help.


    James Inge


I am using a Chalice CATS board with a Strongarm110 processor and 64MB 
RAM (arm v4, little-endian).  Initially I used the LFS 5.0 instructions 
(binutils 2.14, glibc-2.3.2, gcc-3.3.1), but I have since tried 
gcc-3.3.2 and -3.3.3, to no effect.

I found in the gcc mailing list archives that gcc-2.95.3 works with 
glibc-2.2.3 or -2.2.5, but gcc-3.1 and 3.2 don't.  Sadly the glibc 2.3.x 
releases in the LFS book now require gcc 3.2 or greater, and these 
combinations aren't working for me.  Has the problem been fixed in 
glibc-2.3.3?  Should I revert to glibc-2.2-5, and if so, what effect 
will this have on the rest of the toolchain (do I need earlier 
binutils?) and the rest of the distribution?

For reference, the programs I've had segfault are ls, dir, vdir, tar, 
chgrp, chown, su, bash, ping, dnsdomainname, route, arp, install, ps, w, 
shadow, init, syslogd, klogd, shutdown, halt. 

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