kernel 2.4.22

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Mon May 17 11:59:24 PDT 2004

vincent.vandaele at wrote:

> Hello
> What is the configure to the kernel 2.4.22 in order the pc shut down automaticcaly and doesn't write power down to shut down manually

(This is the wrong list for this question; follow up to lfs-chat please)

This will depend on what type of power management your PC supports. It 
will be either APM or ACPI, and you should be able to tell using either 
the BIOS or the documentation that came with your motherboard.

If not, you can try just compiling APM into your kernel to see if that 
works; if it doesn't it won't cause any harm. If APM does not do it, 
then you can try adding ACPI into the kernel, but this can cause other 
problems of if your machine has a buggy ACPI BIOS.

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