kernel 2.4.22

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Tue May 18 18:58:33 PDT 2004

mrnobby wrote:
> "Rob van Dam" <r_vandam at> wrote in message
> news:40A928F5.8010402 at
>>vincent.vandaele at wrote:
>>>What is the configure to the kernel 2.4.22 in order the pc shut down
> automaticcaly and doesn't write power down to shut down manually
>>It's in the FAQ
> I'd like to add something to this that the FAQ does not mention. That
> is, if you wish to enable APM (CONFIG_APM), you *must* set it to 'y'. I
> tried setting it to 'm' and this did not work for some reason. This is
> despite the fact that the module option is available in menuconfig.

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