isdn on lfs 5.0 big problem after dial-in

mad-ktulu at mad-ktulu at
Wed May 19 05:07:46 PDT 2004

Hello there,

i installed an lfs 5.0 system successfully
after that i set up my isdn system like i did in the 4.0 or 4.1 versions before .
i use a avm pritz! PCI and my provider is t-online.

So now the problem : i dial with " isdnctrl dial ippp0" , then my system puts out

>> isdnnet : dialing triggered
>> ippp0 connected << 

everything seems fine since im connected , but i am unable to receive any data ,cannot ping, cannot browse with Konqueror ....etc

So im really getting crazy because its working on suse 8.0 also installed on the same machine , even all configuration is exactly the same!!

any idea any1??

thx really much
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